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Robin Hinkler

Inspiring Joy Through Music and Art

Welcome to Frisco Academy of Music and Art, where students flourish through personalized piano, voice, and art lessons. Guided by the expertise and passion of Robin Hinkler, we inspire creativity, build confidence, and nurture lifelong skills.

What Will You Learn?

As a dedicated music teacher, I am committed to nurturing your musical and artistic talents. Whether you're a beginner or looking to enhance your skills, I offer personalized lessons tailored to your unique learning style. You'll have the opportunity to explore piano, voice, and art lessons, each designed to develop your abilities and ignite your passion. From mastering piano techniques and vocal exercises to creating beautiful art, my goal is to help you grow and thrive in a supportive and inspiring environment.


Unlock the magic of music with our piano lessons, designed to cultivate a love for music while enhancing co-ordination, confidence, and concentration. Each session is tailored to bring joy and a sense of achievement to your child.


Unleash creativity with our art lessons, focusing on watercolor techniques that inspire imagination and self-expression. Art helps children find joy in creating while improving fine motor skills and visual thinking.


Discover the power of singing with our voice lessons, where children learn to express themselves, build self-confidence, and develop vocal techniques. Singing brings joy and fosters a deep connection to music.

Music Theory

Build a strong musical foundation with our music theory lessons. Understanding the language of music enhances overall musicality, supports other musical endeavors, and brings a deeper appreciation and joy for music.

Student Stories

Discover what my students have to say about their musical journey.

Thank you Robin,
Thank you for being an amazing teacher for Ethan.  He truly loves to play the piano.  We don't even have to get on him to practice, he just goes to the piano on his own.

D. Seibert

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