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Meet Robin Hinkler

Welcome to the Frisco Academy of Music and Art!

I'm Robin Hinkler, the passionate founder and instructor. With over 20 years of experience, I am dedicated to nurturing young talents in piano, voice, and art, helping each student discover their unique creative potential.

"Sharing the joy of music is an honor and a privilege that I have had for 20 years."
Ms. Robin Hinkler, Founder and Instructor.


About Me

Welcome to the Frisco Academy of Music and Art! I'm Robin Hinkler, the founder, instructor, and passionate advocate for nurturing young talents in music and art.

My journey with music and art began at the age of 7, and I have dedicated my life to sharing the joy and transformative power of these disciplines. With a Bachelor's Degree from the University of Texas at Arlington and a Master's Degree from Southern Methodist University, my academic background complements my practical experience in teaching and mentoring.

Over the past 20 years, I have had the privilege of providing private and group piano lessons, voice lessons, and art classes to over 350 students. My experience extends to teaching music in private schools and directing multiple Montessori schools, where I helped grow startups into thriving institutions with several hundred students. As a Montessori certified teacher with strong business acumen, I bring a unique perspective to education, focusing on holistic development and individual growth.

I am also a Musikgarten certified music teacher, and I facilitate biannual piano and voice recitals, complete with art exhibitions, to showcase my students' talents and achievements. These events are not just performances but celebrations of creativity, confidence, and hard work.

At my home studio, equipped with a Kawai Baby Grand piano and a digital piano, I provide all necessary supplies and certified textbooks for our programs. The spacious, well-lit environment is perfect for fostering creativity and learning. Our setup supports both individual and group voice lessons, and we occasionally host talent shows to encourage our students to shine.

My approach to teaching is rooted in the belief that music and art stimulate the brain, build fundamental disciplines like concentration and self-confidence, and enhance overall success in life. I am committed to positively influencing the lives of students, ages 4 and up, through personalized, engaging, and joyful lessons.

Join us at the Frisco Academy of Music and Art, and let's embark on a creative journey that will inspire and empower your child today!

The Studio

Step into my home studio, where creativity and learning come to life. With a beautiful Kawai Baby Grand piano and a digital piano, your child will experience the joy of music. I provide certified textbooks and all necessary supplies to support their growth. Our spacious, well-lit art area is perfect for sparking imagination. The studio is fully equipped for both individual and group voice lessons, featuring all the essential tools for a complete vocal experience. Plus, with ample space, we occasionally host talent shows at home, creating a warm, welcoming environment for your child's musical and artistic journey

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