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Student playing Fur Elise after 5 months of Piano Lessons by Robin.


"Hi Robin,

You have been a terrific instructor and I know Alison has really enjoyed your classes.


"Dear Ms. Robin,

Thank you for all your help and for teaching me piano

From Krishna"

"Thank you so much for sharing your joy of music with Bailey.  She has truly loved learning piano. " 

The Marlows

"Dear Mrs. Robin,

Thank you for being the best teacher ever.  I can't wait to learn all the new pieces you got me!  I also want to thank you for helping me find my passion.  I've found my love, and I'm going to ride it til the wheels fall off.


Ethan SV"

"Thank you for teaching Patrick piano!!  We look forward to the recital next year!  You're the best!"

Patrick Palacios 

"Thank you Robin,

Thank you for being an amazing teacher for Ethan.  He truly loves to play the piano.  We don't even have to get on him to practice, he just goes to the piano on his own.

D. Seibert"

"Dear Ms. Robin,

You are the best piano teacher

From Jasraj"

"Thank you for another wonderful year!  We appreciate your time you give to the boys.  We also appreciated your patience and understanding this year.  See you in August!"

The Taylors,

Jon, Katie, Nathanael, and Jon David

"Hi Robin,

Thank you so much for working with us on the price esp during this critical time.  We are very happy with you and we are happy to pay what your normally charge because of how good you are.

Hien Trang"

"Dear Robin,

Thank you so much for the gift of a piano and the gift of music!  It was such a surprise and wonderful gift!  Thank you for teaching my children how to play the piano and inspiring a love of music!  It has been such a joy hearing the kids play.  It's been especially delightful this Christmas Season with all the Christmas songs!  Looking forward to hearing them grow in their learning.  Thanks again for your thoughtful and generous gift.  Thank you for encouraging my kids!  

May God Bless you & Merry Christmas!

The Longos-Kirk, Jennifer, Luke, Adam, Stone"

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