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Art Lessons

Unleash your child's creativity with our vibrant art classes at Frisco Academy of Music and Art. Each class is designed to inspire and nurture artistic expression through a variety of engaging activities. Students will explore different mediums and techniques, developing their skills and finding joy in the process. Our art activities include:

  • Acrylic Painting

  • Hydropainting

  • Acrylic Landscape Painting

  • Creating a clay pot using the coil and slab methods

  • Painting the clay art

  • Figure Sketching & Acrylic Painting

  • Cup Painting

  • Cup Painting & Splatter Painting

  • Floral Watercolor Painting

  • Still Life Acrylic Painting


Our classes provide a supportive and inspiring environment where young artists can thrive. Join us and watch your child’s creativity blossom as they explore the world of art.

Creative Moments

Why Art Lessons are a Lifelong Gift?

Art lessons nurture creativity, boost self-confidence, and develop fine motor skills, offering a joyful and therapeutic outlet for self-expression. As a lifelong hobby, art enriches daily life and fosters a deep appreciation for beauty and creativity. Enrolling your child in art lessons provides them with tools to explore their imagination and express themselves in unique and meaningful ways, making it a lasting gift that continues to inspire throughout their lives.

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