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PPrivate &/ or Group Piano Lessons

Students enjoy learning to play the piano on a Kawai baby grand piano.  Each pupil learns at their own pace.  Each session includes lesson, technique, theory and recital pieces.  All students are encouraged to explore their musical interests such as classical, jazz, contemporary, patriotic, sacred, and cultural genres.  Most students participate in a 30 minute class once a week but we also offer 45 minute and 1 hour sessions.  All students are invited to participate in our biannual recitals.













Group Music Classes

Group music classes are taught to children ages 3-9.  The students enjoy singing with piano accompaniment, playing rhythm instruments, learning about the famous composers, and exploring creative movement with classical music.  The classes are 30 minutes to 1 hour in length and take place once a week.  Ms. Robin utilizes the Musikgarten curriculum as well as her students' favorite songs and activities. 

Art Classes

Students enjoy creating their own masterpieces in a variety of mediums including: acrylic painting, watercolor painting, chalk or oil pastels, pencil, conte, charcoal drawing, collage,  mosaic, mixed media, and creating pottery and sculptures with clay.  The classes' subject matter, style, and techniques are customized based on the students' interest.  The pupils learn about the famous artists and are encouraged to explore their own artistic style.  


Acrylic Painting




Acrylic Landscape Painting


Creating a clay pot using the coil and slab methods


Painting the clay pot


Figure Sketching & Acrylic Painting

IMG-4233 (1).jpg

Cup Painting

IMG-4231 (1).jpg

Cup Painting & Splatter Painting

20190806_181318 (1).jpg

Floral Watercolor Painting

20190820_174556 (1).jpg

Still Life Acrylic Painting

Voice Lessons

Voice lessons are taught both individually and in small groups.  Mrs. Robin utilizes both the "Full Voice Curriculum" and the "Absolute Beginners Voice Curriculum."  Students enjoy singing warm-up exercises, agility exercises, and resonance exercises.  In addition, they flourish with the Tonic Sol Fa curriculum, learning to read and write music in addition to singing.  Students are encouraged to sing their favorite songs and are encouraged to explore new songs with monthly scans sent to them.  


Singing "A Million Dreams" from the The Greatest Showman (video to come soon)

Craft Club

Students enjoy tie dying shirts, socks etc., making candles with their favorite scents, flowers, leaves, etc., making jewelry, weaving, rock painting, collage, origami, polymer clay, and any other projects they desire.  Mrs. Robin buys the monthly supplies and is happy to drop them off at your porch.  Then students can FaceTime or Zoom weekly for a fun filled craft project.  In-person crafting classes are also enjoyed by many students.

IMG-4343 (1).jpg

Tie dying a t-shirt

IMG-4357 (1).jpg

Melting wax to make candle


Tie dying socks

IMG-4355 (1).jpg

Adding color and scent to the candle

Music Memory

MUSIC MEMORY is a nationally recognized curriculum designed to promote the love and knowledge of classical music through an in-depth study of sixteen great composers, their lives and their music.  Students are exposed to a revolutionary learning approach – unique Animated Listening Maps created in a different style and format for each selection that connect the aural experiences to their visual memories. Music selections are thoroughly learned in an engaging and highly effective way. Students explore the music “from the inside out” – they are helped to actively listen to all the elements of music (melody, harmony, form, timbre, dynamics, etc.) that make each music masterpiece different from all others. Our new teaching components deliver the MUSIC MEMORY curriculum using 21st Century technology. Give a Life-Long Gift ... the LOVE of Classical Music!

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